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About us

We will lead you to the top of your business

We help developing startups with the establishment of their business and acquisition of new customers.
We will direct your project to further growth, the next round of investment, and to becoming the dominant player on the market.


By sharing know-how and consulting on product/business models and investments. But also, assisting with execution, marketing, and business setup for the opportunity to find a solid investment partner. We will do everything to make our joint journey a success.

/ business model consultation

Human resources
& executives



Our team

We have a quality team of experienced professionals

who have built companies that started from scratch and discovered a world of investment opportunities. Thanks to this, we know that the key is to have the right people around you. Only then can you go far.

Managing Partner

Petr loves new ideas, analyzes, and creates strategies. He focuses on finding new opportunities and looking at things from different angles. He loves the meaningful use of AI technologies, preferably where they aren’t yet common. He is full of visions and ideas, but, as he says, pragmatism is needed at the end of the day. He says that he learned the most by traveling and orienteering, for which he, unfortunately, no longer has that much time. Still, these things taught him determination, tenacity, and the need to make decisions quickly, even if everything is not predetermined.

Petr was involved in founding the digital media group Adexpres and was part of its management until its sale to the multinational group Dentsu. Throughout his time at Adexpress, he discovered new ways and created unique products that became part of the Adexpress portfolio. After the sale to the Dentsu group, he started investing in the company as part of marketing automation and consulting for other startups; he recently joined the Campiri, Samba.ai, project and founded the MyReSport project.


He is someone who naturally wants to excel in everything he does. He has entrepreneurial thinking with a passion for startups and innovative ideas, business development, brand development, and the ability to build and grow a business.

A few years ago, he successfully founded and co-founded a number of startups, e.g., “BodyBody” and “OutdoorVisit.” Before that, he oversaw international business development at multinational companies.

As a Mentor | Angel Investor, his vision is to help entrepreneurs and startups develop ideas, build strategic plans, and grow their businesses with the help of know-how and smart money. He understands that the success of any organization is closely tied to the performance of people within the team with common goals and a clear direction.

Board Member
Board Member

What we offer

Our team and experience

  • A tailor-made business development team
  • Help with setting up a digital product for the 21st century
  • Business model consultation and finding other revenue streams
  • Handling marketing and customer acquisition
  • Setting up brand identity and brand experience
  • Help with setting up backend processes and executives for easier investor entry.


  • Investment in the project, whether direct or indirect
  • Risk-sharing at the start of the project
  • BP and pitch deck preparations for investors and their entry into the company
  • Connecting with investors and determining their appetite
  • Strong relations with more than 5 VC funds and contacts for another 10-15 in the Czech Republic and abroad

Our goal is not to control startups. We want to help them develop and prepare for the next stage (standard 5-15%).

Who are we looking for?

We prefer startups that need to get a large number of customers quickly and efficiently. Effective marketing and know-how in digital acquisition is one of our most significant added values.


Do you have an idea and a business plan? You know how to get it off the ground, but just haven’t started work yet?
Are you looking for money to start?


Are you launching a project and need help with its direction and overall process setup?
Financing is tempting , but you’re looking for experience?


Have you started a project, and feel now’s the right time to kick it up a notch?
Financing is tempting, but you’re looking for experience and expertise in fields that are not your core?


Do you have a stagnant project, but still see the strength and potential in it?
Are you looking for expertise for direction and resources to bridge the gap before your project catches proper traction again?



Are you a startup? Are you a fund?

Please make an appointment with us so that we can start our journey together.

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